Friday, March 5, 2010

Potential Energy...No Pressure for today i HOLD

Can i just skip class today??personally i dun wanna go,my feet freeze hell cold right up to my forehead,m totally dehydrated,,still typing before i off my lappy and m gonna freeze switching on diz creature for a moment..its just last nite effect chest seem suffocate a bit,i cant write long for diz one,,(inside my tummy growling pain)..m gonna be walking zombie in d daylight,wif my puffy eyes,i put eye-glow several time,cuz its seem to dry and pretty aching..i didnt sleep d entire nite..of coure doing my research method,,submission date is next week but gotta work hard for it if i wanna have fun later..typical plan,,still i dunno wht m i suppose to do wif all these creepy tummy swallowing pain i swear it does hurt,not as bad as last nite,,m just afraid diz caffeine effect will loose in a moment and m gonna collapse,thanx god if its on bed,make it worst if its at the construction site..gosh,dun ever envisage that ,,
so hoping for no pressure,m a center wher u pushed button 1 for translation whatever,really hopin for no pressure today,my head as heavy as grand canyon i bet,,i hope this caffeine stays a bit longer in my vein and plez potential calcium gate dun let it go,,i noe m gonna screwed dopamine and being a lil bit excited but dats not my real potential energy,once the effect over m doomed..i estimated this thing to linger around 3 hours and hope so it stay a bit more till i reach those bottle and pack of drugs (sounds like a pusher) gotta stay in class or to walk out and rest my head off..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL WRESTLE PARTNER..NIZAR!!

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