Sunday, March 7, 2010


For the godsake..the eyes of heaven (poyo la nk gne literary lang.)..i mean sun was reli blazin hot,,feel like it torch and torn my umbrella,,heaven sake,,i need ice on my forehead~since ad devil y da meresap inside my soul rse terencat cuz m goin to library on SUNDAY..what does it mean??it solute a statement "aisya da meroyan and sengal" never mind,,lucky melvin give a ride tho or m roasted like a kenny rogers meal..*exclude d sweating hard part
i was doin research for my research method and business management subject..the cruelty of information reli kills me,,imagine i have plenty of journal and i still keep it pending..long way to finish but due is next week,,gila la uni!!next week gonna be the busy one *shall i do attachment on pdf?
my weekend reli feel like 50% weekend,,overdose fun..busy wif gadget,entertainment,new exhibition in town,new vampire novels..dats ol wht i did to fill the empty space that shud be fill by smth (ahhh..plez cut this point out and drop d subject)..nevermind~i get used to it as time goes by (reli..)..
and my uncle is having a bad fever,,cant deny dat i cant stop worrying,,wish he report to me every second how does he he okay?did he go for doctor?what did d doc said?can he walk?did he ate?were his friends taking care of him?did he do heavy hard stuff?did he go out?hows d temperature?is he doing okay?did he take his medicne yet?did he drink lot of water?did he use cool fever just in case?did he stay in d blanket?is anyone buy him foods?can he get up frm bed?headache?stress on his shoulder?uhmm..i just keep wondering..hope he's doin okay,,but i cant stop till i get d confirmation dat he's really okay *praying hard(plez3 be okay)

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