Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Back!Stupid Joke!

Diz morn, i woke up dizzy and puke whatsoevr~lalala for me,,went to claz like normal wednesday i had,,believe me whatever i read laz nyte was nothing but a waste,,preparing mysev dat wasn't dat well prepared,,i was stupefied by my anxiety..yeah of course 100 metres walk caused me to loose 2 days energy bottle i suppose..d claz was awful wif suprises..Dr Khairil say out loud and point at me "u guarantee FAILED" arghhh..plez dun make me sum up my sucks emotion math..erghhh..he laughed hard like diabolic psychopath y bru lepas killed someone (he gotta check his last karyotypes XYY gene was so obvious in him)..suddenly!!!!time2 my head my heart my limb my intestine my kidney wanna blow every liquid dey ever had he annouced d name..I DIDNT FAIL AT ALL!!!IN FACT I WAS AMONG THE LUCKY FEW PPL WHO PASSED!!!darn dr khairil made my adrenaline punch my tummy like boxing game~his jokes was a crazy idiotic supplement to my heart rate!!my pale cheek went even paler..10% of d claz passed and d leftover failed..gosh,how he marked paper anyway..i got 20++ over 30 (Dr K was really violating his lecture ethics-kejam)..d thing is he noe me~and his psychotic lecture claz was spooky,,i had to die every wednesday nite for his claz,,"read textbook before claz..yada..yada..yada.."..rite now m having a rsult for stupid medical diagnose,,which end up with .."see ur doctor for further diagnose.." i was like "hah??".. m goin back diz April after exam~huuu (imagine Dr Kubendran saying diz "u ni y u so small"..yeah ryte doc. dun think i forget how u made my hand swollen like a bee stung..i hate him taking out my blood)..and fainted on d chair was so embarrassing!! gez i can't do futsal anymore..haih,in case d ball went straight to my cervix bone gosh!i had a stupid flow of ovarian cycle!loosing blood for 3 weeks~imagine..i was suppose to be a vampire but somehow my blood drained out..jeez,pathetic aint it???ryte now is not a good time for problems so..i need to keep at least 1 radius frm trouble dat will trouble my body system (carbonated drink-say NO) stress (yeah ryte i have 3 assignment due diz week) m so busy wif faculty,debate,stupid organizer..BUNGA RAYA open day..sure next week m gonna collapse like pentagon on 11th head really had a big bang now,daa~

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