Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mmmmuah Mr Abg Ehsan~ EXTEND submission date

Mmmmuahh Mr Abg Ehsan!!thanx2,,merci..he extend submission date for research method..i luv u Mr Abg Ehsan!!but yet i still pending in diz thesis dat piling up like a germs in my eye,,if i were to be home now i mite be tucked up on ma bed dreamin bout thing on d aisle and been in hawaii enjoying d explicit moment ever..too bad m swimming in d oceans of papers..honestly,doing things alone without grouping is great!!cuz u dun hav to be USED..anyway..i hav tons of things in my head now,,i dunno wher to channel it..but den keeping it is better then telling someone who's not interested to listen kan2..i was obviously mamai,,gosh i cud not believe ol my oldmate contact me now..i mean sounds not right..in a day like few old mates contact me,,i hav to offend but things is getting weird,,can someone tell me whats going on?m freaking puzzle,blur..i wish i were home!!!tell me whats goin on man!!heee..anyway..goin for a decent lunch..daaa~

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