Thursday, March 11, 2010

I LOVE ...........................................

I love JULIAN CASABLANCAS!!!thanx to grissie henry william,,getting me into this,,i really love boys (he's a man and married..too bad) with messy hair~i love THE STROKES now!!!goin to grissie and get some of his song!!yeay~~m tuning into diff channel more dovey corny song..freeze dat kiddie justin bieber jap..m goin back to sleep afterwards me finish my addiction..i had been typing the stupid performance appraisal literature review,tmmorow will be the submission date!!!shit!!i cant besukaria...damn..i tot i finish those earlier this month already..hmmmm..for the god sake...i wanna strangle someone..sesape yg terase diri dye harus distrangle plez..dun make me pissed!darn!i wanna eat choc indulgence like 5 slice plez~~~i have this hazelnut cake very d nice..superb d tasty..i can bare with 1 whole cake..(i love cakes now!!!!).. a few days a go i made it for caramel cheese cake..last sunday i had choc cheese m all about cake!!!!but plez no mango taste weird and even for big slice of banana chocs... VAMPIRE NOVEL+CHEESE CAKE+ CONTINENTAL CAKE..(secret recipe&starbuck) gle la !!!i miss fruit tart wif jelly at lavender..and french bread my dad fav's..i miss choc breadcake jgak..ngeee...
Fruit tart-Lavender
French bread
Burger King
Kiwi smth2 kat Dunkin and d ball2 thingy..wuuu
New Zealand ice cream
Caramel Pop Corn at TGV~ngeee..
Steak at JUSCO bukit raja
Chewing Gum lolypop at Giant Shah Alam
Egged Curry Puff kt MATRIX Pahang
Cream Puff at Bread Story The Mall depan my high school
Gardenia APRICOT toestem Bread!!
Nestle nestum energy bar wif strawberry
watermelon y btol2 normal
Laksa Penang~~

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