Friday, March 5, 2010


Its been awhile,after a few busy day..3 hell day of the week,urghh..ol noe dat,,last nite was an obvious dreadful moment,I was curling up like a ball,I had my gastric mom around to make me some porridge with soup or any soupy noodles..=,(..m not getting sympathy anyway,hell no cuz..its just no as an answer..well,Thursday always heaven for me cuz no crappy class going on..always a laundry day,but wen I checked my laundry bag it’s not dat much of item in it,so don’t waste 3 buck for 3 piece of fabric..*a new definition of saving money for new novel..speaking about novel itself,I spent my daylight in d dark almost no-light at all..i’ve been reading my NEW VAMPIRE novel,just bought it yesterday,and now 70% of d book was totally done..m really a novel maniac now..u noe,its just too boring tho u have piling up assignment like French alps yet still wen there’s a space in between its boring,u dun xpect ppl to come and have fun wif u like dey dun have stuff to do,cuz I’m different,just different frm them..while ppl busy revising m on my bed sleeping..its just how I study and how I examine myself as different,,there’s a time wen I’m being serious and ppl were really on d mood of having fun,I can catch up lectures wif my eyes closed..weird ain’t it..

I was staying in d room until sunset and I woke up away frm snuggling wif tammy,dbook was on my face..and *forehead kindda suffer of sudden pain..screw me,,I was thinking of continuing my sleep at 8 but I heard footsteps that I believe I shud ignore (its cken and mie)..dey were like chatting bout smth in my room at d other side..untill tim came in and said..god Aisya now I see u turning into vampire..i was like,okay (happy wif d statement )..i wanna be vampire,skipped the eternity part but think of flashing here and there in d supreme speed and u sleep during daylight,I love dat idea of being a night creature..gosh if I cudn’t be one at least let me marry one!!!micheal and shane was toooo gorgeous in diz novel,,tell u what ppl,vampire always d hunk hottie one..*whatever..obsession to vampire is getting worst (bite me..duhhhh) looking forward d HOUSE OF NIGHT series..its like 119 buck =,( I overspend money!!! No good no good really..somebody plez gimme vampire books!!m dying to be wif vampire!!sounds like whacko but never mind,I’m now spreading diz viruses to my housie,but den they’re not English novel ppl..hmm too bad just mie infected,next m biting *I wanna FANG!!! (facebook is no longer my point of interest) m all about vampire now,me and vampire cannot be separated (aisyaluvampire)

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