Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aisya Life Analysis

My parietal lobe saket~I think I have too much force on attention rather than my intelligent part,,*try to eradicate divided attention with diverge into more than 36 tv channel..(ape y di pk aisya oiii)..this is really disrupting my prior purpose for my task!!!i dun wanna sounds like academic freak~noe wat, I have loaded of information transfer and its getting overload,,from 36 channel into 70++ (like astro)..

Too much influence in business analysis which leads me crazy 72 hours of digesting alternatives in my head,,its 80% leading to personal matter rather than learning issue!!..m so infected by this maniac analysis,,drive a key factors..(Aisya scenario planning)..1. Economic matter 2. Social Dimension 3. Political (parent) 4. Culture and norms 5.Health and welfare 6. Performance value


(according to DR KHAIRIL—most likely to happen)

Scenario 1

Increase Profit and Revenue(duet pocket)

Scenario 2

89% FUN per semester

Scenario 3

Health Det: Migraine and Gastric

Mom and dad is not stingy and stringent any

Mom and dad will screw my life if they noe I’m fooling around

Mom and dad will send me to Dr Kuben every holiday and do some blood test and worst I have regular checkup..uuu

More vampire novels will be on my desk..till no more space

Addiction inhibit cuz I might get initial warning for upcoming economic downturn (as in my money menyiput)

There will be new addiction of other genre of novel cuz Dr Kuben wont allow me to be in vampire world and think so much bout the blood sucker…cuz my migraine will get (whatta theory)..and I will skip meal just to get to the end of the storyline

Happiness level will pop out and will be able to overcome boredom and ignore threats

50/50 of jovial and others emotion swing,,heee

Will spend more time growling in pain and sleep and have no time to be happy or sad because pain is more or less take control over everything

I’ll be a bit friendly and start smiling to everyone or at least no stupid faces..and more friends..

More friendly than ever in my clan,,because learn too much fun..and its time to rub dirt on ur butt..ngee

I’ll be dull and monotonous and gloom and no time to make any social relation or even online socialization..urghh..too bad..

Same culture but with added value of trusting people and enjoy life to the max because we deserve it

New added culture of fun over the limit..hahaha..and value to be a ble to divide time for study and fun..multiple task I can with intelligent..hahaah..poyo gle!

Stagnant culture because culture only change wen we socialize around and experience new stuff..what can u do wen u have 99% time on ur bed..

Make it to 3.7 and dean list,,study with happiness will make a high score in basket

Make it to 3.5 because the 0.2 more had been abducted by fun issue and few threats

Make it 3.4..uuuu…cuz byk tdo and ubat..and gosh life gonna be boring like freakin damn hell super boring..

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