Monday, March 1, 2010

I dun wanna MATI CEPAT understand!!

Before the week even starts,i had diz massive load thumped over my head..this.that.those. i havent finish re-editing my script *reli malas nk complain so i juz do,if ak ckp keje ak melambak cm alps n everest bkn diorg pdulik..sungguh la ak benci!!!..and few of ma friends come out to me and ask me to check d grammar for deir assgnment..COME ON!!!!m not english tutor.. : ( ingat second year is my HONEYMOON apeke???m busy okay,i hav no time for rubbish stuff,even wen i walked i didnt glare around,so uhhhhhhhhhhh...y dun bg org lain yg buat,y everything pass kt ak?????--m so sorry bloggie for being a wrath crumpling place--dun complain bley x????dala ak sorang y bwat!!!!!arghhhhh..i hate diz part ryte here~plez jgn menyusahkan otak ak,,because of u guys i hav to take my painkiller!!!ak xnk mati cepat okay!!!i dun wanna be!!!!if its my responsibility i dun mind..cuz i reli hate IRRESPONSIBLE human being,,it doesnt matter in wht condition if u're someone and u hav responsiblities and how tiny dat is be RESPONSIBLE..dun simply forward ur responsibility to others,,dat is so wrong and so barbaric..i always have time for my accountability,,and using others for self PURPOSE is also barbaric in a sense of WHO ARE YOU?WAT RYTE DO U HAV TO MAKE USE OF OTHERS?think about it,feel la guilty of wat u've done~u made alot of ppl suffer by such appaling manner,,m not the type dat make you realize wat u've done..m not d type dat will tell u through certain extent u have done wrong..I WANT U URSELF TO REALIZE WAT HAVE U DONE..I WANT U TO PUT URSEV IN MY SHOE..wen i shut up doesnt mean i dont noe..wen i merge mysev into silence doesnt mean i'm dumb..CUZ to noe and point it out is a tough job description,,i have my reason to sit and watch..this is just me being me,,i noe more than ppl think i do,i reli do, the good the bad and the ugly thing,its just i choose to shut up..i believe wat goes around comes around..i'm not gonna make u pay but someone mighty will.......

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