Saturday, March 6, 2010

.i'm lost

i dunno whether i shud wear my brain or not..i'm getting dizzy and tired..god i dun wanna noe anything,cuz i dun wanna think about it..i was fuckin okay..not untill somebody text me and tell me thing dat i missed out in a very important story..i dun wanna put it in my mind,the only thing that cross my mind is Jaya Jusco bukit tinggi and bukit raja..dunno why..but i dun wanna think about other stuff really..(mom,take me home please) i almost give up..thers a quote i read dat says "not all people dat wander are lost" but i am lost..i duno wher i am,who i am..shake me please and i just wanna noe the real thing behind all this not twisted story..i'm lost..

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