Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Listen.Explain No More.Find ur Own Answr

I have emotion damage..heart damage..attitude damage..i give up explaining..because its all d truth i had,,wat shud i said?i cheat i lied?I AM NOT!!!dats y i justify mysev as innocent..y it always me indulge and screwed in diz thing..not my fault..i dun even start..i never start wen i see clear argument..i dun wanna but u did..I HAVE NO BOYS..AS IN MORE THAN ONE BOY IN MY LIFE..wat is so hard to see..come and see for ursev..or try put a stalker on me..and d answer will be ZERO!!!cuz m not lying..i hate ppl accuse me..keep accusing and keep on doing d accused thing..it hurts my frontal lobe..who shud i screw now..my friend?the one dat behave like a complete sarcastic idiot..or my boyfriend?who keep accusing me for things i NEVER done..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..this is freakin me out..okay everyone..buckle up i'm goin to mars..and never coming back..laz nyte was awful..i have migrain and everything,,just thinking how and what truth dat u want exactly..shall i shot mysev 3 time in front of u?den only u believe me..ahhhhh screw everyone..m not gonna curse..i had changed!!!i'm never a PLAYER..LIAR..screw everyone..screw!!!!!can i just please at least get a hearing???cuz..i have no one to talk to..m all alone in diz case and i cant drag others into diz..diz is so pathetic..i hate to be sick everytime i have a fyte!!!!i dun wanna!!!i hate fyte!!!please just listen..cuz m just gonna tell u for d laz time..i have nothing to do wif other BOY!!!

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