Monday, March 8, 2010

WHAT!!!!RM 131~oh my prada--dats how my SUNDAY end

Alamak!!!!jaw drop kejap~feel like in a clown house..ngeee..slap my face 3 times,ears rse nk bleeding listening to what d librarian said.."ktk pun account kna block" hahahhaha..swear to god,,heart rate dah nk exceed 170 per minute,,i was like.."again??come again?" drown in imagination already,,i have overdue fine..sebanyak RM131.00..Oh my Prada!!"tok melebihi lecturer pun fine dik"..rse nk tergelak berguling jatuh sampai LG Cais..hahaha..this is really what we call finance management,,gotta pay tmrow or m not gonna be able to borrow any books,,eventually thanx to mimie,,for lending me her student card..mmg jaw drop agak banyak wen he said in hundred and thirty one in words..lord!over the limit dah ni!!!the librarian sempat lg nk wat lawak kering on d counter.."skit jak ya"..hello i can buy 3 vampire novels with 131 buck..huwaaa :((..tula padan muke..--telling myself to relax and chill-- syez funny thap cendawan!mmg kne gelak..mimie who was standing next to me tergeliat tongue nk i was stunned nasib dat pakcik baik..and lucky its sunday!!and not much ppl around..if not!!!!its embarrassing ..i think m d first student yg overdue thap cendawan..hahaha..aisya..aisya..mie mmg xleh stop saying gle kentang la ecah!hahahaha..aduhaiiii....
Ther goes another funny thing,i fell asleep after balik frm Cais..and woke up at 12 in 12 tengah malam..almost hit my door cuz tooo mamai...and i did hit my desk..and starving..i tot its 8 pm..wth la ngan ak ni..i was pace in and out of d room for no reason and only 15 minutes after i realize what the heck m i doin kuar msuk blik goin nowhere..MAMAI...mabox..this is how my sunday end..full of hilarious moment..

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