Monday, March 29, 2010

Sakit Hati head spinning like heli blade..for d past hour!!!!sakit hati yg teramat sgt!!stupid compensation assgnmnt and idiot drama..i hate everything dat we called assignment~feel like a trash~dala mmg kne treat like a trash!!!hmmmmmmmmmmm...penat la la gle!!!!everyone juz need to stay 1 radius frm me..i hate crowds and working out to stay away frm those..and cool someone tell me there'z a kuching open for m i suppose to noe!!!even i hadn't watch all black play for ages..u noe..we dun have supersports or espn in d pity,wow tooooooo pity...enough for d brag and sakit hati then i'll go fucked up all over again~spare the curse..walk d pain..(is dat a wisdom????) whatever i dun look like a wise its 4 i haven't finish that idiotic assignmnt..i've been workin on it since yesterday!!!haih...sakit hati!!!for everything..i can't concentrate,i didnt eat my ubat cuz sakit hati---wif assgnmnts ++

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