Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday is BACK,i hate u,i love u,both in case

Gosh,i dreamt i accidently deleted this blog~horror and someone is pushing me down to a stream,,indeed big..and....fhew,,weird i dreamt bout ppl i never ever cross in my life,washin away all the weirdness..m goin for laundry!!its thursday,,,so let just wait till its 12,m goin for lunch cuz thurday alway independent day (miss independent)..m gonna do laundry alone,in house alone,reading novel alone,lunch alone,walking alone,drinking nescaffe alone,even talk to myself..duhhh..m busy this is kindda a short *sgt3 short..i made a short poem

ohhh...the foehn comin fill ecstasy within
turn the lid and set me free
neither hard nor harsh
velvet touch tranquilize me
warmth riddled through
ardent passion make me blithe
life is real ,dream were wrong
or otherwise
i'm no with answer its who will
i never
i was the bud of not belong to any
till then
effloresce caught a heartbeat
yes my language
i speak trust and honesty
i speak love and eternity
the beat tells me
you're my name now hence

i love writing poems,,n i reli love wen ppl dun understand cuz i dun wanna ppl to understand,i cud be the next shakespere in suit wearing high heels ohhhh crap...wrong2!!!shakespere in sneakers,CEO to hvent find the title for diz poem tho,i may look weird cuz what i did not like what am i within,,but thats me..rocky marshmallow (is it???) whatever..m getting FLUIDS MECHANICS notes from ting2..m not crazy just insane,i wanna fill my time doing smth and i wanna now everything i can stay shut up wen i knew it and laugh at the back wen they think i noe nothing bout it!! fact:the only octopus dat can kill human is blue ring octopus,,noe why?dig it urself....i dun want ppl to laugh at me,,cuz i wanna have reason to laugh at them,and i have every reason to laugh cuz i start to know something..thats ME!in case u people missed out that part when u noe

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