Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wake Up AND Blogging

Wake up and directly bloggin!!hmm..i dunno anymore,,but what i noe is my assgnment is still berlambak!!!shit~i fell asleep like a troll last nite and great i hevent start any chapter!!!how nk exam ni!!-mara ngan dri sendiri-this time if i xdpt dean i think i shud stop studying and start selling resume to the high bidder(as in married*who cud want her son to marry uneducated girl) so..xley2..i have to do diz..and i have to go to Holland to my tulips garden!!!dats my aim (mcm plek je) whatever...i wanna be invisible today,i dun wanna noe anyone!!and damn plez stop anyone in fb..anyone dat i dunno plez dun text me in fb,i had it enough with things we called BOYS..i had enough already!!this online socialization site is horrendous~i wanna be me..me..and me..phm x???i wanna be me!!aisyathegreat!!i am not vulnerable..i hav claz at 8 but yet still hav time to brag here..by hook or by crook m gonna clean my desk before this midnight or my life is over..(xkot..maybe..ehm..entah)
Right now i'm having a deep confusion and consternation,so jgn kacau me,,i have tooo many stories in my head,and dah!no more plez..which one is real story???dah2..i have to think about my stuff rather than the unnecessary..

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