Saturday, March 13, 2010


Can't sleep suda..em,so just grab my novel and REREAD the thing all over,,yeah micheal blondie,,terase nk mkn choc INDULGENCE..:((..dunno wats wrong wimme,lately i was just in silent mood,maybe due to biz assignment extension,my head kindda nk blow,i didnt sleep for 2 days straight (tuesday and wednesday..) now all my limb feel numb and d most is my back killin me,,maybe cuz too much on d part wher i olmost kiss tos shower,,i had scanned 7 book and finish reading it for d good sake its performance appraisl text book..i went frenzy ttdo upside down on d floor *lucky i have rubber carpet!..i havent reli talking to ppl,cuz i spent most of my time alone and bz wif 40 page assignmnt and biz analysis..(ngaaaaa,,indeed its makin me crazy!!) --rubbing head y x itchy-- so juz spending time in fb,try to talk to ppl literary..i see mpp fill y fb inbox..heee..nyampah tol,,full la inbox wif slugs notifications,,i dun mind tos crap thing,,but i do mind if thers a meeting issue,,laz nyte meeting was canceled,,heaven~~omg for new books dat gonna sit togeda wif all my vampire novels collection..
i was about for skypy laz nyte *da berkulat my skype da..havent skypin since months..too bad reception kindda worst cuz its rainin shark and dolphin~i waited for 4 hours,,still nothing goin on,xcept fb and blogs can get da stat super laju da the line..yeeehaaa..but bored :(( m addicted to lgu belaian jiwa and ada apa dgn cinta and 3 malay song to mimie for bluetooth-ing tos song to my kenot stop already..hmmm..i miss my vammpy,,stil in fever i gez,,reli miss him..til i dunno wat to do..dats y i stay in silence and keep mysev busy wif stuff..cuz i'm darn miss him..

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