Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Disaster

its been days m not into diz blog..haih..tiring day..i lost my time on stupid pidato competition,,heee,,crap!!killing my time,suddnly m not into bands,music and everything..i wanna silence,i need space for silence..wonder wats gotten into my head diz weekend..after saturday passed den only i realize i hav like alps high assignment!wen diz semester gonna be over..yeeah,,worrying bout uncle some more.(in fever again)..hmm,,my life had turn to be pathetic diz weekend,doing unconscious stuff,lepaking wif ese gang,but honestly,,it was an empty,shallow laugh and dat was just a reflex brain wasnt ther,,its home..on bed,a cup of tea wif brainy is not mentally ther,its everywher,wif uncle and perhaps 2% in disneyland..urghhh..what m i doing in diz life?hahaha..someone will listen? who????the biggest question dat even my mouth cant answer,,ages and getting older..forget about others,forget about ppl come and comfort u..m nothing than a shallow weak girl????i will never show dat!!!,discrepancy within my brain,heart,working limbs..its just messed up..headache..dats killing me,to know and resistant mixed up,,options like a suicide for me..fhew~~i hav no idea wen diz thought gonna end,,m not gonna make diz blog as my second journal,,one is enough..(my fav tagline ONCE IS ENOUGH TWICE IS TOO MUCH) just thinking of sleeping and go away frm problems..i help ppl but wher are they when i need one???how funny diz life,,m being nicce all the time,helping,comforting,supporting,careful wif my lines..i believe wat goes around comes around..but i just realize that MAYBE this world isnt round..instead its rectangle,pentagon shaped or what..huh..i hate wen it comes to diz measurement..m off..see ya in other post (if therz anyone reading)

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