Wednesday, March 17, 2010

:(( overindulge

This ain't happening..this ain't happening..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...absurd (the only bad word dat can come out)..wat happen to my laundry!!!!!!!!!!!this is Shhhhhhhh..urghhhh..wats wif d pieces of fabric ruinin my laundry i have to in re-laundry... :( i went for a short meeting as invitation officer..WTP(whatheprada!new way of cursing)..i have piling up invitation to do..and great i have to give my numbers to anonymous!!screwed!!who give this position to me anyway..i dun like giving out my numbers!!!!!!!!!this is TOTALLY ABSURD..(breath in) (breath out) no i CANT laundry ruined and i hav to photocopy stuff at my shoppe whatsoever and dat guy was sooooo..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!i cant take it..this is not F***ed up day but ANNOYING DAY EVER :(
this week is d only week dat i feel i wanna cry a river for it..darn~brinjal!pumpkin!brocolli!!arggggghh(m not gonna curse)..this is darn annoying man..i have to escort ppl to petronas..of course m gonna hav to voice out smth..fhew..i cannot be tired..i must not..cuz i'll..hmmm never mind,,dats emmm..forget it,gotta clean my ppl..adeh..drama practice tonyte..::the day aisya collapse::

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