Monday, March 22, 2010


how m i suppose to write wif bling2 in my eye..all of d few hours was nonsense,,hmm,i dun wanna say things anymore,,i just a SOMEONE to think..syezly it hurts,imagine for the past month u keep urself in an ice cube..m the only one trying to making him see..wats wif everything..but wen my effort always end up hurts me..cuz 1. i did not lie..2. what do i get by lying 3. whoelse gonna be accused as my bf next?? it does hurt me wen he's not argument that end up wif -sigh- and barging into freaky lines..m d one who always wif justification..sometime u just have friends dat act like a crazy brat..but wat can u do..u cant change them..and they dun have place in my heart,,dey just fill spaces in my brain wif deir stupid sick jokes..why think so complicated???i always the one who being accused with all of those lunatic stuff..i dunno why he didnt see my effort..i dunno why he didnt see my honesty..BECAUSE MAYBE he didnt see how do i feel...he didnt see how much i hang on wen he being cold..he didnt see anything BUT FAULTS..i mean my FAULTS..not his..he sees it clearly like a 78 font times new roman on the wall..and u can see it like with or without vision 20/ a lil thinking cuz u hurt me so much..(hope no one read diz) m gonna keep diz for does hurts

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