Sunday, March 7, 2010

party for Irene

Creepy hi!!my proposal to parental court is approved!!!yeay,,m gonna have diz set of vampire academy series..i cant believe dad actually buy my words..he’s kindda outta town now..wicked,I said dat m dying to have diz books and ther will be exhibition and I have member card~gulp…I eventually have card for every bookstores in malaysia just being innocent tell d truth n dad buy my word)..i have mid term assessment wif Dr fang..hehe..he got fang for d god sake me and khad were focusing in claz for d sake of his fang,how cud we be so stupid and even during our 30 min presentation last Wednesday,imagine I haven’t read 110 page scenario planning for Australia and I have to present..of course bluff all the way..changing the crew whatever,,heeee..dala his class kinda menguji keimanan,spooky and yada..yada.. clas pling seram in history!!

Last nite we throw out some party for Irene,happy birthday benny girl!!(m so screwed if she knew I called her wif diz name)..i’d wait for my vampire to text,uhm,gez he’s too busy,never mind,catch him later..but in case,I still waiting..1 am 2 am and 3 the peak..none of d sign my text delivered..dats okay I still love u whatever happen!!dats my stand and I dun care..(kindda miss him now,not kindda but crazy missing him)..i’ll wait..=,l…ther goes Aisya

M in neutral mood ryte now so,plez dun anyone screwed it..sometimes I just felt dat I deserve being zombies,u don’t feel pain and zombie’s don’t care bout basic needs!!no biggie..gonna have to finish my script since ridzhan will be a new cast..heee..he’s d devil,,n dat Houghton nk skip his part (dun u ever wish!!!)..and stepmother Fatima..m gonna make u look really like a stepmom..i must be insane lately!!!gosh pulld unintended wire in my brain,,fix my heart and glue it well,and strengthen back my crippled vein..wash my brain,delete my hippocampus worst part..jap g ak kne epilepsy!!!!!huwaaa..m homesick!!!

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