Monday, March 15, 2010

Spill everything>>>uncle tiang jual bawang next to kdai CD

carving frm laugh,lucky i have one last nite..plain,simple..warm..i wish i cud never be breathing and time stops just for a joke..honestly~i just fall for him even more..ther shud be reasons of keeping this entire thing inside,,and i dun wanna let it go,,just for one night reason..i miss him damn much..have u ever feel dat ur life is over but u got a day of make up..??the last person that i noe i wanted to spend my another 100 years wif is uncle tiang dat sell bawang sebelah kdai cd..*dun mind eating onions for d rest of my life~~truthfully..he got this somekind of sparks u noe,,i dunno whether he got this manipulative art of vampire (u noe wat u saw in movie vammpy can hypnotize ppl)..haha..dun mind stayin in his charm joke,note that sarcasm always my best friend,and i just realize dat its not dat hard to make me happy..i just need an antibiotic..(illegally sold by uncle tiang)..because a few days ago i tot i wud nevr taste any of sugarly high time..i tot i wud never hear his joke (instead i got his voice stuck on my head saying "hello" tons of time in a stratified phone line) was like insulin to me,,like a love homeostasis predictions and flows..omg (i must be insane!!)..i shudnt be writing this here cuz this is so my journal words,twisting with language sounds a bit tranquilized wif love!!
its kindda weird wen u fell so hard,that u think u can never get up again,the only person u wanna see holding ur faith is him..i will never waste another 24 hours being a sober..he seem to be my everything and frankly, i dun even noe how those things starts its just like so ecstasy..wills and everything..(omg this is so my journal diary words)..but m just trying to tell the truth dat i really into him..if ther are reasons i cud give more than milllions..i deeply having this serious relationship issue..i love him even more!!and the rate of keeping him in my mind is obviously changing from every 5 hours to every 30 second..gosh..madly mad aisya..u gotta massive love struck (with uncle jual bawang sebelah kedai cd..*yeah..n m makcik jual kangkung..hahaha..)

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