Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm gonna be O-K-A-Y

i am not gonna activity for these boring few days quite awesome,uhm,i tried to relieve my stress..despite having nothing to do and staring at the journal,,swear to god i have piling up assignment,m fedup wif those.this.that thing..i'm okay..i'm okay..i'm okay..i'm really2 okay..-sigh-..impressed by own self esteem..i'm gonna be okay..rub the dirt and get up..telling myself,dats okay..dats okay..dats really okay..
I'm gonna hang on a lil bit more and try to be okay,no mourn no rage..being sparks of excitement,just being stronger..frankly speakin,outside my friends ring (tim,mie,leng,ida, bestie,tika and yuen) i dun trust anyone...i see everyone as a threat to me,they just keep waiting to bring me down..i'm changing slowly..and i need support for dat,i'll wear scarf..i've start wif day and just trying to move on to night..i will..soon..hmm..i'll say,spell no more curse..not none,but reducing it..avoid frm shifting into horrific person everytime i gone mad..i'll be able to control it..i can do this!!!i noe i can..i'll find anything..anything to make me stop being a freak..i noe i cudnt find anyone to listen to my probs..but i have things,,*non human dat always listen i knew it always do..HEARTACHE always a final stage cancer for to make it go away?i have no idea..i'm loosing the idea tho..i dun wanna have any idea..ow's dat!

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