Friday, March 5, 2010


Alaaaaaa….she text me (refers to my classmate),hand me chapter 2 and 3 tommorow..crap,,I haven’t finish chapter 2,never mind it wont take long,I have the stuff,chapter 3 I’m done with it,class suppose to be at 10 and we have diz discussion and great somebody brilliantly put my name on one Malaysia speech session tomorrow at 7.30 pm..crap2..i had too much and I bet I just overindulged in university stuff,,but thanx god I still have time for myself (novel yeay)..i have no idea how m I suppose to handle university thingy in a moment I have credit hours to be collected..DEBATE..i miss them,at least m not outthere to be a speaker but then I miss d fun in d club,listening to Melvin grumbling bout stuff and grisha and we walked together to college and have a gossip session (Hollywood stuff we dun bother unimas stuff)..and everytime it has to be Edward Cullen,and dat lartner fheww..tired day tho not going out,I shall stop reading for a week I gez..i have 17 journals to be clear by Wednesday and dat Dr Khairil assessment..maaaaa…I have plenty of work exactly and I shall start working on it,,maybe diz blog will miss my post for few hours cuz usually I have more than a post in a day,since I have this time constraint thingy I cant help myself,,

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