Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday towards Tuesday

Yeay Monday, d tiring starts of d week~try to delineate how my needs discrepancy error affect my study mood..ahahaha..easy,i feel like i want to i will i f i dun i wont,,simple theory..i juz dun feel like studying now..hehe..crude ain't it?anyway..my lolypop tinggal 1 left..watermelon flava..ngeee..whats happening to me is..
1. i'm watching House
2.I eat lolypops
3.my eyes itchy
4.its boring here
Hang on for a moment try to upload some pic frm claz thingy~now only it worked..haiya..anyway,m gonna make some hawt drink now as a sign that m sleepy..but i dun wanna sleep i hav notes to get rid of..n one thing act suppose to make me pissed but my happy state make me eradicate tos paranoid adrenaline activity somewhere in here (pointing at my skull) huhu..i gave my classmate to see my assignmnet,,in a sense that it can be used as a reference but he copied my work!i hav to redo mine..kinda pissed,but m tooo lazy to argue..and it happens all the tme wen ppl always sack off my idea..poor me..juz another day to live with..3 word that i bet he copied blindly is belligerent,convulsive and vehemence !!u gonna be dead if miss ask u what does it mean cuz u're not d one who wrote it asshole..hahaha..of course miss can shed who copy who..my english is..hmmm~ppl can tell...(sounds poyo a bit)

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