Thursday, May 20, 2010

Damage Beyond Repair

"Say i got ur..picture stuck on frame across d wall.u prove u point ur point okay i get it..a stranger.u become a stranger.." makin early morning noise wif colby songs!well,as usual,thursday,claz day,ther will be tutorial diz eve..i juz can't stop yawning..hard and long till my lung full and cramp wif air..uhhh..its a lazy starts today,well gotta finish up some business in spades!i've reach lesson 4..hehe..thanx my guru..beb roslan,givin me such hysterical experience,m a partial metal appreciating music je kot..i never wonder how nice being single and i actually hav lots of fun to dwell doesnt matter if ppl dun reply ur text wen u reli frenzy wanting tht name to pop out in ur lil phone screen..nvm,me is just a friend,maybe he dun even remember me in his days..*pointing fingers on my forehead telling myself, more memory lane,its been a few months..okay enough!lets sing..whats ur name,,baby whats ur name..oh yeah sexy's my name..yes sexy's my name..
Shud listen to what u waiting for by colby o donnis..and stranger featuring chenelle..damn fuckin nice fella!can't stop d,i never sumone wif ur body..whoa..whoa.hahha..m insane i gez..okay2..words of d day..Damage Beyond Repair..

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