Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fuck You..Tak Suka Laaaaaa

Ahhhh..bengangnye!!!syez diz man xfhm bhase planet bumi,okay m talkin french..okay kids or old man or whatever it is!!I dun wanna chat or msge u!do u get me asshole..uhhhhh..please for d godsake dun check me out!dun..wan me to translate i bet i dun hav to since u're a debater as well!!crap!!i hate i DECIDED TO IGNORE WHATEVER HELL he send to me..maybe i'll block him instead..hish..luar petala btol..i wanna be alone okay!heeee..plez find another person to get rid of ur boredom!!i hav no..nothing not at infinity no feeling to make a close contact wif anyone wif XY gene..soo..take my word n please,,eeeeeeee..what do u wanna noe bout me so much!m ugly,m a bad person!i curse alot!i have mental destruction..and i want u to stop asking me stupid questions revolvin about what i like,whats my fav thing..its stupid and a total lame guy move..bengangnye!!!!!okay fine!!!i still love my vammpy!!thats y i can't reli gat rid of xnak anything now..xnak okay..xnak!!!!!!!i dunno u..n u dunno pegi men jauh2..

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