Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally the creeps 5 hour is over!but another comin this thurs,my limbs live in fear~anyway nothing much dat i can rate highly torched on my head today..yeah my soul sister is back,funny things i gez she gotta live without pants for few days..ohhh nooo,holiday comin soon!m totally havin bad notion on this..yes aisya u need to start doin d right thing okay!!*how spooky givin ursev motivations..(mataku gatal!!) been dealin wif eye glow since mornin..darn~
btw!!i love diz song~sound salubrious yet meaningful~d guitar was super fine make me high(warning!!diz is metal song)huhu.."I adore and preach the insanity you gave to me..Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak.." totally like diz,,i dunno dat metal song hav d beautiful one..once u heard it..it very addictive..

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