Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jahat Line

I changed if u notice, dat suppose to be a resistant line,whoa..make friends everyday..and of course make friends wif someone who can deal wif ur appaling manner,dats better..i wana watch toy story =),i wish a cud do something more valueble for d past few days..oh i skipped yesterday's post for d crazy happy island and battle station..and omg~hahaha *tap smthg in my stuff shall not be delineate to public,besides m a...hahha :D..well,i can manage my anger now,but for critical stuff maybe i cant practically control..i'm a hot tempered person!!nth i can do to dwell wif such ass traits..well i'm now in 7 deadly,but i reli hate mysev for being so freakin empathy for such words,urghhh..i juz kenot stop mysev frm being kesian all d time..i need to wear sympathy shield, so dat i'll be more evil and demonic like person~maybe no one noe wats my naughty background,i had a bad record of threatening guy without being ambushed by wicked,since daddy and mr principle are best much i can brag today,and maybe i shall tag my objective "maybe i juz wanna see...." hahaha..please,i able to laugh in long distance wif creepy voice :D..i'd sound sarcastic to say dat girls with asses like mine don't talk wif boys wif faces like yours..hahaha..jahat line!

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