Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exam Funeral Hungover

It’s a disaster day or the blessed one,we dun hav to tell wen everything turn to be like doom day,sunrise just like a poisonous things dat ever happen in life (skeptical) anyway,therz always an issue when we dun need one and it can extend to be smthg supreme~tho it sounds like me-too-much!!!can I just laugh and rub d dirt on my ass??urghh..i hate exam!!(I noe others hate it too)..i felt like having a severe in my frontal lobe diz morning,screw dat time table!!!!i woke up at 8 and holy cow!!my exam is at 9..i’m not ready..really2 not ready..grab my towel and everything (lucky we went ther by car)..screw!!!i forgot everything,things dat make me sick for 2 days,I didn’t sleep,I had excess caffeine!!!…no online thingy,not even blogging and facebooking..i really working on it..i didn’t play hard on diz..too bad diz hippocampus didn’t catch anything I read for the past whole week..i was wearing black baju kurung..yeah..sortta funeral I gez,,I was acting like a hungover person,,I stay in d room,wif d baju kurung and mourn like therz a death in d house~jeez..seriously felt bad,I felt damn freakin awful too!mcm bru lepas jdik widow pnye dasyat!!i haven’t o9 for a few days..o9 juz for d sake of email~lately I got emails frm my fav lecturer..huh..offering me to be supervisee..i’ll think about it tho~haih..m soooo tired,I was vomiting laz nyte and gosh the pills save me frm staying up late,at least I can wake up for my subuh prayer and shit I went asleep again ther goes d 8 o clock pop out issue!!i hate Tuesday!aaaaa….

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