Thursday, May 20, 2010

Short Eve..Happy Like Crazy

Weeeee...=)..uhm,i juz hav my fantastic blueberry cheese tart!nak lg!regret for buying 2 pieces..kalo dah tau perut tu serupa litar sepang..lg nk buy sket2..btw i swear to god sedap!like super scrumptious =) wanna share tp nvm,my tummy wont let me..hahaha..its 5.31 in d rummie is watchin korean,she aint gonna move her butt,i knew it..i went pace back and forth in diz room,digesting and try to figure it out what m i suppose to freakin bored..yaikzz..m finishing my 2nd poem of d week,whoa..i can write a book..and yes therz a song!m back singing..since i left it abandon for years,can't even remember d last song i sang on stage ;D..and i love dat shania twain song!!!!plez kill me wif freakin obsessed wif songs,mkn tdo..all songs..da xpedulik org sekeliling..and oh yeah b4 i even slipped my tape worm memory,khad had been forcin me to play dat weird happy island..fuhh..wondering how to play it for few hours..d funny thing is m in level 3 yet i dunno how i get there..hahaha..stupid aint it..dats d funny thing of this short eve..ohhh man m sleepy!but my eyelid remain separated..huuu.. =) cheers everyone!

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