Saturday, May 29, 2010


SPECIAL EDITION :When there’s no place to run in heavy rain,I just hav absurds option.Lately m being so epic!not because I wanted to but I noe deep inside there will be smth bad…I knew it,,if ppl can see how hard I train mysev not to weep for little pain,but this one is too big to stop weeping. Things that gonna change everything forever. The hardest part of letting go they say,I preach dat in my bleeding heart. I shall never share d pain,cuz its carved beautifully dat d pain is mine. M gonna miss her,and everyone..i miss my gramp so much!like too much..I just can’t stand diz piercing hurts,as much as it can tore off one’s head.. hold my tears,shall I congratz to mysev or straight away blame my idiocy for being a fake jovial person. I just can’t get rid of this sorrow thingy!!i had a full page of my diary and still it won’t go away,I need a shoulder to cry..i reli need one..i need to talk to someone,I reli need one..but I didn’t see any for me..i miss my gramp~I have none.. =[ she’s gone..all my gramps are gone..i only can say it in my language,the pain that I had,the fear of living..

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