Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning After Dark

Such refreshin mornin!try to widened my eyes...(totally grammatically absurd here),,not in shower yet but trust me,its gonna rain stay warm in room!suddenly i miss each one of my old mates..its 9 and my roomie is still on bed kesejukan i mite need to lend her my blanket,oh yeah..i was taken aback wif my own towel since m so mamai diz morn lookin for my me got tons of fantastic song in those are my favs..i dunno whether ppl will like it..seriously i have top 4 ladies in my head now
1. Francesca Battistelli
2.Britt Nicole
3.Colbie Cailat
4.Taylor Swift
Well i av great plans for diz intersession probably starts after gawai hols (in srwk tho)..we hav french and guitar lesson!!can't wait--since i was so busy laz sem,and my guitz at home kinda rusty and dusty..omg!reli eager!super can't wait..will post some of short idiotic drma as well..since me n khad is in d same room..m sure we hav tons of lunatic objectives!!till then~breakfast callin! =)

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