Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keep On Forgetting To Forget About You

I keep on forgetting to forget about u,dats d perfect words for’s topic wud be..forget..why its so hard to forget things that u love,instead u crave for more. Memory is d initiator of everything. Its just so odd when ppl say “I can easily forget” for me its d hardest thing I ever come across. Unless u have amnesia or spatial neglect or smth. Yet, I can’t simply handle it. I mean every things dat happen shud have relevant reason why its stick in ur brain like queen Elizabeth portrait on Buckingham palace wall. Forgetting things that we love is practically difficult in every way. Once the memory starts to play film without sound it’s d starting of an endless pain *uhh skip dat epic lines..btw,thing can go different in every person,I just super curious how can u forget people dat u love. That’s just so wow!FRANKLY,I still missing my oxygen,obviously still love my oxygen *refers to page smth2 for oxygen jargon. Well I dun care anymore if he didn’t noe..enough when its just me myself and this churning feeling..which leads to forgetting to forget. Have u ever tried to stop ur decipher?wooo if u can possibly do dat, I owe u a lifetime..jeez, I hav no more back with sum spicy story and issues!

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