Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doing Nothing

I will never learn to grow up..well i hav my 1st malay novel after 21 year i live in diz world,damn..i dunno what or even why,therz smth in d story..its not that mushy,about unplanned marriage..as usual,irrational thinking of men..hmm..but i rated it as B..okay i gez,i like syed adam aizril syed abbas..confirm2 nme novel,urghh..dat playboy..and he secretly love this pretty village girl named Nur Aleya Idris and at d same time being heinous towards her..therz a part where i feel like i wanna go into d novel and kick his butt..how cud a guy being so fucking harsh..i hate violence!!i hate boys or men with violence..eeeee..grrr..(ANDAI ITU TAKDIRNYA)..hahha..can't believe i read till d end,bt wif some pages tht i skipped..lol..Well Syed Adam is quite romantic...and can be funny and even spooky at once.damn..dun say i fallinluv with character in book..ust like how i fell in love with Shane in morganville vampire...dun worry shane i still love u damn much..can sumone gimme vampire books..erm,i hav sudden homesick after i arrived at unimas teritory just now..hmmm..btw,i'm all alone..doin nothing in diz empty apartment,i'm so malas to play games,huh bless me..i wanna make sum jelly

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