Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Makes A Girl

2 hours before my presentation,jeez i need to accommodate this nerve somewhere so that i won't stutter. Pfft me?nervous,was it a vocab or a food?today's topic is, What Makes A Girl. I'm not that super smashing in terms of girls thing. I can't even figure it out myself what girls what. *does it mean i have extra lil Y gene in my blood (eurghh,not that no no). I heard sugar,spice and everything nice are what makes a girl they said. So how bout me,i'm not that nice (to strangers) i'm not a sugar honey,sweet,i wonder wht makes me..Perhaps,salt,spice and everything unfathomable..haha,i don't like shopping,i don't manicure nails,i don't do again,what makes me?haha,i wana smile as wide as i can today so tht people will talk to me (yes since they said i' super arrogant) people realy judge book by its cover aren't they. Thats y i think they shud spend more times in bookstores (reduce idiocy) and start reading books with ugly covers. I don't judge,i observe and learn..okay don't get mixup wif my points. for me shopping is futile and absurd,draining out money (ohhh like once its ka-ching on esprit and body shop counter)..make up is unnecessary (the time hasn't come yet) pen and papers are my bestfriend and a piece of eyeliner. Otherwise,i put aside. I like Aisya past and present!when she feels good she laugh : D

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