Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story,Foods I'm Happy

Sometimes we never realize god create us for reason,instead we go around and whining how unlucky and how not fair world had treat you. I had a very good day,starts with great presentation,never stuttering and indeed i was explaining wif flying colors (lol),its naturally came to me when i start to open my lips (how unbelievable how i crap),we went for lunch,my tummy growling like a hungry wolf,so we stopped at kenny rogers,we went for movies afterwards,hahah,,damn hilarious,i was laughing riant!it was a great movie : ) toy story,andy is actually grown up and goin to college,it was so epic toward the end. The hysterical funny thing is barbie and ken!hahah,they were like eeuuuw but comical!!(who even came out wif stupid idea saying i love you differently) seriously!!and "do not press the button not more than 5 second" hahaha,buzz turn into spanish mood,again i was laughing like therez no one else in the hall!hahaha,seriously man,i love this movie like forever and ever,i watch this since i was a kid..even remember the evil dr pork chop!hahah,can't belive the andy boy is growin up just like us,this movie bring out my memory lane,damn!its hilarious..the movie end really fast,one of my friend came out wif idea of buying groceries,so there we go,like all grown up girls :),we went to buy donashi(sushi donuts..foods are getting weird) usual we all hav a bad decision making,so deciding about one hour duration,finally!!!sharing planet!! fav spot..i love tht place!!again my supreme de vollail,seriously damn good,i love foods..i have macaroni cheese for lunch and a muffin..and great dinner..i love today,,then i went back and so "kepak"-tired,,lol..i waited for uncle in ym,skype and here i am now..sleepless at the end..but over evrythg i'm happy!

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