Monday, June 14, 2010

Makes Me Stronger

No matter where i bled,now matter how deep is d cut,its just so weird. Because I cant feel it anywhere around it. The cut is deep,i saw it bled. It's really dripping off my red liquid. But i just can't feel it. I'm not scared of being injured. I'm not scared of me being sick. Cause i know i'm strong than anyone does. People don't see,but i see. I always see what i did. The reckless,wise,clumsy,great.. Its just everytime i get a cut,i can't feel d pain. Instead,its painful,here *somewhere inside the chest. Everytime i have my headache,i dun feel in there. I feel it in my chest. Do i have cancer?do i have lung problem?do i have liver failure?or i'm bleeding too much untill my own body can't tell,the fear or the pain. No worry this time around,i will nvr weep and tell people. I have my diary which happen to be the best bestfriend ever :) .I am strong,i knew it. Somebody told me when i was in form2,we are all strong,because we agree to go down here on earth,to be born and live a life tho we know life is hard. Not like heaven we stepped in. See,we had promised to our almighty,we will nver regret of being born here. i think i do!i'm not regretting Him,for letting me live in diz world with His will and grace.Thanks Allah. Makes me stronger

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