Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tired of schools!mature is a real vocab for me

Learn to be mature,d quotes i hold till today..yes i am learning,yet if i were to be seen mature i still think there'z a few inconsistency in those maturity think..yes i learn to say yes to everyone and drop the subject whenever smth buggin me so like hell,,diary is my bestfriend,d unfold story i doodle will always be mine and my diary..we are just a divide bestfriend,there,i told how sucks my life was..there,where i told how wonderful life in split second..where i weep on when there's no shoulders to cry on..just wanna be matured,i am learning it reli!oh god my fingers were aching and yes tummy..please be good,i hav test on thursday and assignment dat due on 11th..i wana go home..trully,m tired being in school,uhh..rule number one!shall never giv up and be strong!i can cry at mum's orchid plant wen i get back *where no one can ever see me wif red eye ;) now the best word for me is "redha" and "bersyukur" be grateful and strong..dats me now

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