Friday, June 11, 2010

Aku nak Nanges!!Kuat2!

I dunno what it is,but it makes me feels like this! miserable to d power of hundred twenty double2!hmm *sigh long and nver gonna find a pause button. Why?why? why la~i was on d okay mood,suddenly i went to college office,,and darn!i hav zero mood please,i wanna weep!i'm feeling sad,sick,angry,pissed all twist in one feel dat i cant ever explain in word. F F F F,excuse me for being such a dirty creature saying dirty. I hate begging okay,shit those college thingy!shit is just so shit. I'm in controllable mood,please be okay aisya please. Okay 11.2..those big fat liars of jpk!make me pissed even more,ppl are buying signature. Well m not dat dirt asshole to play sucha crank buy and win. *so much to whine, i wanna go home (oh no my eyes glowing already) shit!don't aisya dont!its my final year yet why this idiot UNIVERSITY giving me such messy life at eleventh hour. I am really a monologue beast now ,chanting millions of curse and un-blessing for my college,please just go fucking dead college!ur system sucks!unimas system like super shit,1st the 4 to 3 years thing,then what!!damn~okay m chill..m chill..m chill..ak nk nanges!!

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MeLL said...

apa hal?? u didn't kolej next sem, izzit?