Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I hav EMOTIONAL instability

urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!marah yg dah xbley dtahan2!noe wat?why everyone is so conservative..i'm just being a friend..why ther shud be ehem2 or whatever..why this world revolves stupidly..fine!!no more nice thing btween friends wif opposite gender..i'm sick okay..i'm sick,why ppl bluntly think such a thing..this is against my number 4 rule!!!I HATE ANYONE THAT TRY TO MAKE A GOSSIPS BETWEEN ME AND ANY OF PEOPLE WHO IS XY WHICH IS PPL FRM OPPOSITE GENDER!!!i reli hate ppl accusing me having scandal or whatever!!!trust me..if i were to hav one i'll announce it to d public..besides i still love my vampire my oxygen whatever so much..i love ZH okay!!!!arghhhhhhhhhh..i wanna scream!!!damn!damn!damn!i hav emotional instability okay!!!my grandma passed away,i'm stuck here and ppl do such a thing..do u think i can bare????use ur feet to think ppl..maybe u donnoe wat happen in my life but i reli in super depression..internet--blogging--facebook is d place wher i can get a lil fun..not sick things..not absurd thing..i'm so pissed tho!!!i hav emotional problem for the past 4 days..i can't get over everything,so damn blame me on my anger..cuz i'm reli in an unfortunate mood..i need someone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!TAMMY!!!

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