Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gonna Be Real Sick

How to say that 8 letters without voice,how to say those 8 letters and try to convince that i really mean it..Okay forget it,i still dun have the courage to say those to evil great grandpa alzheimer!btw,nothing much today,unless i have third floor room again for next sem,jeez..it was..uhm..tiring a bit. I hope there are spaces that still vacant cuz i wanna move!its going to cost me extra ATP for goin up in such height. Well in the other hand,I'm having confusion today!God show me,god show me..i'm really tired and sleepy,i think m gonna be sick..real sick!seriously gimme a break before new semester. I need to cope. Well,you noe..never mind,i'll talk more in journal..bye virtual world,i'm off to bed early

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