Sunday, June 27, 2010

I waited because i...

I'm gladly saying that i have a new song,which just been written yesterday,ahhh smtimes i feel like m a total writer,i got nothing to declare than writing. Really a bunch of passion stuck in my limb i supposed. Come on!i have to be a CEO!nothing ther than perspective purpose. Well,sure enough get ample time to write a book wen i get a chair on the top. Gowsh!hmm..i waited because i..thats the title,its really connected to me.This song has smth to do with my reality. I hope the lyrics wasn't suffocates the reader,btw,i just find a melody for the forst verse. Its kindda hard to mend the streotype songs.So i need to trim the best!hmmm,okay more about this song is about a wait of course * when we think we need to have smth that we perceive valueble in life,we will have the will to wait. I can tell its alost a hanging love story.Yeah,how a guy don't really realize how a girl loves him so damn bad. Untill she forget her seconds for herself. She hold her feelings and keep on waiting. She wait for things to change.She hope that she can get back to the start. Of course on d way she scrathed and bleed. Since her love is so strong she think she could handle bleeding. So,she thinks its okay if he didn't noe that she love him. She waited because she love him.Thats all...hmmm

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