Wednesday, June 9, 2010


New Edition: Talking is like eating chips with spicy flavor. That was my assumption,but now for me talking is like paper cutting machine. Whats d relation anyway?i can never explain myself. Yes,d eve had turn into shadows and darkness. Okay thank you college for givin me such divine experience of floating. I just confuse with my life again,neither my brain nor any part of my cognition help me with answers. What kind of answer am i looking for?i nver noe myself. A question tht exist for no reason. Just be strong in life. That's what i am now. What i can't see what others can..i'm learning it by the time i was ready to fly away frm this cocoon called early adulthood. Wise is better,what i feared the most is making mistakes out there. A world dat nobody could tell how safe we are in it. What i noe is,gotta face everything with patience and faith. Never lose grip on my stand. I was reli telling myself that world is beautiful,yet some part in here *pointing at my forehead, telling me world is just an ugly things that gives us loads of scars. Hey girl,nvr givup!i said to myself. So here i am,wake up again frm yesterday's fallen. As a mature person,no more wrath control me. Cause really i'm gona be 21 soon,very2 soon. I keep what i like about myself and i throw away the badass thing that can ruin my life. This is me now, a never givup!gay with perks..i wanna be d first person who nvr weep for small things. I will be one day..i will :) ..i have dreams tht i doodled. Whether i come true thats just another story dat god will take care of. The point is,i'm dreaming of dreams. Stay strong Aisya!you're dat girl who ripped her knee so many time in basketball court,you're that girl who get up and say "alamak koyak",you're tht girl who cont playing with blood drippin and get scolded for rippin of her pants. You're tht girl who live in her wonderland,drowning in her musics and poetry tht she wrote,you're the one tht appreciate yourself for singing in d showers,for doing stupid on dining table,for being such epic in your be tht girl cause she used to be strong. :,) ps:W E D D I N G D R E S S is awesome!

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