Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanks Tammy

Half frenzy already digging for words for tmrw presentation..Me again,uhm,honestly today,i'm not feeling that well,as usual..i have headache and everything. Was trying very hard to make it go away but this pain was so stubborn and such an asshole..i had my panadols just now and i'm expecting myself to be on bed soon. Please eyes close tight and never think bout world anymore,so wake up tomorow and feel jovial :) please blithe,tie me with his bless,i'm all over worries and nonsense. Ya allah,sabar jelah..btw,i'm not gonna leave diz blog again ever :)..*tempat mengadu la konon...well,its 11 pm,please again,i wish my tomorrow will be heaven,gimme spirits to do those talking thing...i dunno why i feel like giving!this is so not me,m i upgrading or downgrading?think about it (i said to myself)..nite virtual world we'll meet again soon!i love you blog and i love my teddy bear tammy *sorry tammy,i cried on,tammy loves me the best *okay i'll put u in washing machine,since i use ur paws as a wiper for my raining eyes..hehe..thanx things (i mean thanks diary,tammy and mp4) you're my greatest treasure..hehe :, )

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