Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Hurt My Friend Rascal

i can't delete dat wix!!!damn~okay great last nite i hav blackout dat makes a super chilly thing runnin down my spine,now what???lately i just can't stop being a sober or whatever..i lost grateful and ol i noe is "merepak" in srwk dey called it dat way *refers tu menyumpah or smth..i dunno either..uhhh..okay note dat my number isn't public fon,i didnt pay yellow pages to lunatically add me up in dat giant book!!damn!m so mad..and then i heard sum news,ohhhh can sumone send me to anger management house now!!spe bwat kwn ak cmtu!didn't use tiny winy futile brain...dun ever talk to me or my friend,u hurt her..u hurt her u hurt us!!!i chant thousands of curse!!what the fuck is wrong being caring..damn~i dunno ppl are mean..and its a fact!can u stop her cries??can u?idiot!!dun preach dat u love her wen u have dat sick pathetic konon good shape,she's my friend,she has one heart and dat heart can bleed wif invisible cut,dun say u hav nothing to do with her mutilated internal anatomy!we never get into ur stuff..we never,but wen u drag us under a name of friends..u're too much,u dont deserve her!!!why boys always hav idiocy and stupidness in appreciating,damn!stupid!i dun wanna be prejudice,but this option barging into a condition that leads to YOU SUCKS!stop her cries!i noe her so much,everything she said,every move she take..i noe her,but u!!!hurt her..dun ever called me to fix d probs,cuz its her dat hav rights to forgive what ever sinister thing dat u've done..i noe she loves u,but fuck u!!for making her cry at 2 am in d morning wen she have a clinical test on d day!!!if u're idiot enav to know ur own gf,shame on u!!she sacrife enough,i know who i judge cuz i never judge ppl!!!i make blind what u do to my friend because i dun wanna add up trouble,trust me i make blind,but now i hav enav nerve to sac u outta our lives,good for u if she forgive u..u hurt our Ayish..u hurt her jovial laugh!!!boys think pki lutut agaknye!

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