Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What The Hell

I have one BRAIN tht cannot handle merepek thingy,okay what the hell is d problem here. I can't sleep and i have super agony going on in diz empty house..just me and diz tedious moments. Pity d world dat revolves for me,i hav absolutely zero job in killing my ATP..too bad mitochondria,i'm depressed on my own. So mercy to brain~i had put ol tos lobe into stupid critical thinking,and bley x bersabar aisya!*scolding mysev for being damn loosing temper..therz nothing to be screaming off,whats d problem exacly??i never noe problem now is i hate to see people prank my friends,telling lies which is obviously can be caught on d first glance.*ayish please stop crying,, Why people love to lie?..i dun wanna lie,i hate lies..urghhhh..cuz if were to lie i'll definitely confess within 12 hour of d duration,how pathetic..and i dunno how to make a good lies. It makes me feel guilt every seconds and minutes..its killing why people lies??i just wondering..okay i shall get rid of diz thought or m gonna go crazy like how ayish is facing now..relationship reli complicated,now i learn tht its not as wonderful as what ppl preached..its a pain in pride..sumtime maybe we hav to give more and beg with pity faces to get d return..or sumtimes..its just a cold windy breeze tht brush ur face and heart..d one u love is supposed to be d one tht shares ur nightmares and make u walk with it wif no fear..but i learn tht sumtimes romeo n juliet is just myth and people can change..who knows..romeo mite fallinluv wif taylor swift and left juliet..cuz love is unpredictable,first i tot its secure..once we love sumone they nver gonna leave us..but i was totally having tape worm thought..wake up!the voice within says to me..

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