Thursday, June 3, 2010

Steal The Moments

A lil bit frm author of ashvex vehemence parcel,recently i had been struck by sum sort of poise idiocy,well,deleting is d best way..i figure it out how dun mourn for d dead instead pray for them..time had gone so fast,i grow up celebrating anniversary of her blog..dat actually starts on june 2008..for certain circumtances and inevitable event i manage to handle diz thing and start makin rapid post on october 10..still november is wher i had my copy paste ugly thing..and june is d anniversary of smth *okay no need..well cheers to d world..let d light in!

my lil cuzzie who happen to steal my moments and hav a few shot! its my spec

i like her..she can't stop kissing me!and dats my plain time i have my lil sara to poise,dat kiddie now busy wif her schools me and wa here in Kuching..

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