Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Don't Make Me Remember

Fhew,finally d case is over,ayish goin back wif raz and tirah seem can overcome her unstoppable complain,,teeka now landed in sabah,yuen will be coming soon,may ying is about to hav her sweet summer break wif her hubby ;) me?i had stop thinking bout my gramps,oh please dun remind me,not reli much i can do,juz avoiding being alone o9 24/7 so that i wont reli think about wanna cry,but i promised not to weep,ohh how can i hold this any longer..plez build sum darn big dam on my eyes!!again in diz empty apartment,i have my second day of making jelly and second day of spicy soup..*i can cook only wen therz no ppl around me..weird isn't it..well,i miss my gramma crazy!!frankly if u see me in FB it doest seem ike i'm mourning..for me therz no need to show dat u're sad dkt dpn org..enav wen they know about it and think i can get rid of it..its my personal thing,whether to weep or not to..yes i will but on my teddy bear shoulder..easier~Alright dun keep talking about it or else m gonna burst into tears cuz i hold it for 6 therz a possibilities of FLOOD!!just dun start..hmm..gotta go makin cream chicken soup!well,wish me luck because its not 3 in 1 soup!!

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