Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rhodensia Blindness Is You

I was just watchin a ridiculous tv show!that goldfish is actually goin for finals~that was euww,i dun like her for some reason,grrr.anyway..stop this delusional idiocy,anyway ever heard of king of anything song?i went browsing on you tube this morning of course my AOL radio blog help alot,i have a list already,no sweats,there's plenty of cool song will be released on july..ahhh,talking about july it does remind me of my ascending age,urgh!wait,does it mean i have to make up something (oh yeah i remember makin some critical credential with my clans) oh crap i'm gona have to book a wholesome treats for my gang. *pushing calculator instantly. Not bad i guess. I'm gonna continue writing poems,since i was trying hard to indulge in shakesphere underling thingy. It quite offensive wen i heard few lines talking about a futile attempt to be a writer. Know what people you're to lumpish to think as much as a rhodensia blindness. My words is mine, its my passion. If you're on my side,support me. I had enough disaster in life for the past 13 month. I dun wanna rewind this film without sound cuz i'll end up blabbering the unnnecessary. I just hope that thingswill always get better. So song writing is my new hobby,of course,sides of fb-ing. Frankly i have reasons why i online untill 4 am in d morning and will to stretched my eyes..there are reasons. I have unfathomable life and i dun wanna make it even more fatal. This week maybe the last version of me talking garbage. I'm gonna turn 21 soon..ahhh i hate this,i hate this. Age determination always kill me. How to be wise,i'll figure it out soon. Reminder to some ppl outthere,its not wrong to be nice but dont fake it. It look sucks and plastic and...shallow. Go away fer good,find another person to play fakers. Not me please,i dun have time for your shallow idiocy.

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