Friday, June 4, 2010

I happen to

I went to bed and never let my ym,messenger, and skype off because i'm waiting for such invisible homo sapien who will never show up,i checked my mail and phone every 15 minutes just to see a name pop out in the screen but i gez it will never happen,i went to d kitchen and make sum chocho drink but i decide to end my worthless wait,so i went to bed and try to close my both eyes,,with a painful word,I Miss You.. damn much..the jokes and everything,its killing me each day when i can't even tell u dat 3 words with 8 alphabet,(tho u're just a friend,i happen to miss u badly uncle bawang!) i have to bother mysev on d blog..omg how pathetic i am :( ,m goin to bed now and off everything,so long night..i deserve a beautiful dream tonight

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