Monday, June 28, 2010

The Song::I waited because i

First of all,its not really a good song,i figure it out the first verse,well i'm runnin outta decipher and really whats appening to me?i keep on doing this writing, here we go
I peep on the clock,half past 12 now
Midnight breeze frm the cracked window
So cold...
Spinning head,heaven blithe me
I lost my sense now
This heart is insatiable
When I keep on
I'd be right here before after dark
Pretend enough,i've gone too far
There's a time i walked,
To the scattered mirror
I couldn't say,it cragfast in my throat
I waited because...
I'd be right here thinking you'll be home
Every ounce of my feels
Articulates my souls
I laid on the floor cruising pain
No remedy I know
I waited for you because
I love you
24 hours done
The hall still empty
I'm fingering this song
I painted my grief
Cause you don't know
Yes you don't know
#this hands won't stop,
could'nt reach the end
tel him tell him
that i...

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